Sarah Harding thinks Kimberley Walsh will be the first member of Girls Aloud to get married.

The girl band may have split up but remain close, and although Sarah was shocked by the news Nadine Coyle is pregnant with her first child, she still thinks it will be Kimberley Walsh who is first to walk down the aisle, with her long-term boyfriend Justin Scott.

When asked which of the five girls will marry first, Sarah said: ''One [member] is with child, so you never know. Nadine was engaged to Jason [Bell, the father] before, so who knows... [Laughs] We've all been there, done that! I reckon maybe Kimbers. She's had the most stable relationship.''

The 31-year-old star also thinks Kimberley - who was is in the band with Sarah, Nadine, Cheryl Cole and Nicola Roberts - will be the next to follow Nadine into motherhood.

She told new! magazine: ''The last thing I thought was that it was going to be Nadine! I thought Kimberley would be the first because she is the most Mother Hubbard out of us and has been in the longest relationship. Maybe she'll be next?''