A British documentary in which Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess Of York, exposeshorrendous conditions in state-run homes for mentally ill children in Turkeyhas been denounced by the Turkish government. According to publishedreports, the documentary, which is scheduled to air tonight (Thursday) onITV, shows children tied to beds or lying in the halls of mentalinstitutions. However, Nimet Cubukcu, Turkey's Minister for Women and FamilyAffairs, told the London Independent that the government believesthat Ferguson had timed the release of the documentary to coincide withTurkey's application to join the European union. "It is absolutely clearthat Sarah Ferguson is ill-intentioned and is trying to launch a smearcampaign against Turkey," Cubukcu said. adding, "The result of ourinvestigations into the allegations so far suggests that there is nothing weneed to be ashamed [of]."