British Royal Sarah Ferguson can now officially call herself "skinny" - but she still struggles to find a new man because of the 'baggage' she carries with her.

The DUCHESS OF YORK, who was married to British monarch QUEEN ELIZABETH II's son PRINCE ANDREW, has fought a battle with her weight for years - and now feels like she has finally got the body she wants.

She says, "Skinny is a good word. We do skinny. I have changed my body shape through exercise, pilates and yoga. I love it."

However, she can't find a man to appreciate her new figure.

She explains, "To take on me is quite a lot isn't it? You have to take on the world's press. There's the public scrutiny, a mad family - the Fergusons I mean - and two granddaughters of Her Majesty.

"You have to take everything that goes with me, which is a strong woman. I don't know if anybody out there is going to be daring enough."

13/06/2003 19:42