Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess Of York, has offered her support to the Duchess Of Cambridge after topless shots of the the new bride relaxing with her husband Prince William in France became tabloid fodder last week (ends14Sep12).

The former royal, who was once caught up in her own topless photo scandal, admits she was appalled when the candid snapshots appeared on the cover and inside French magazine Closer.

And as other publications threaten to run the shots, Fergie has taken aim at the snapper who shot them from a road overlooking the royal couple's private retreat.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I have been there and know what it's like. Everyone is entitled to privacy. It is a devastating invasion of one's personal inner space. It is deplorable, abhorrent and despicable."

But Fergie, who was not invited to last year's (11) royal wedding, is happy to see Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge smiling through her official duties as an ambassador to Britain during a tour of Southeast Asia, despite the photo scandal.

She adds, "She is a beautiful young woman doing a great job for the country."