Sarah Ferguson has reacted to being snubbed from this year's Royal Wedding invitation list by insisting she never expected an invite.
SARAH FERGUSON, the 51-year-old Duchess of York, has not been invited to the ROYAL WEDDING of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April, reports People Magazine.Ferguson, who was recently caught on film attempting to sell access to her ex-husband PRINCE ANDREW, is a notable absentee on the guest-list for the year's biggest wedding. She joins President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama who have also been snubbed but Ferguson's spokesman said, "She never expected to be invited". Strangely, the 51-year-old's daughters Princess Beatrice and PRINCESS EUGENIE have been invited to the ceremony, as have a number of high-profile celebrities such as David Beckham and his wife Victoria Beckham. It was reported earlier today (23rd February 2011) that the socialite Jemima Khan has been left off the invitation list because of her comments about KATE MIDDLETON's figure. The 37-year-old made a comment on her Twitter page that read, "Middleton - those are not heir-bearing hips, are they? Unfeasibly narrow" and a source told the UK's Daily Mirror, "Apparently Jemima is friendly with the princes and would otherwise have confidently expected an invitation".
The Royal Wedding is set to take place on 29th April 2011 at London's historic Westminster Abbey. Late last year, Prime Minister David Cameron confirmed that the day would be a national holiday.