Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, stormed out of a recent interview on the '60 Minutes' show after host Michael Usher played a video of her requesting 500k from an undercover reporter. Ferguson became incensed after Usher played the footage, later leaving the set and demanding the segment be cut, reports the Daily Telegraph.
In 2010, the Duchess was the subject of a News of the World sting in which she claimed a sum of money would guarantee access to her ex-husband Prince Andrew. John Scott, her manager in Australia, said playing the footage was "unnecessary" because she had seen it before. He also claimed Ferguson had been "ambushed" and ridiculed during the interview. Hamish Thompson, the 60 Minutes executive producer, said the Duchess had agreed to speak about the incident prior to the interview, but it remains to be seen whether she had agreed to the footage. In a series of clips, aired to promote the show, the Duchess is seen snapping at Usher and rolling her eyes. She is later heard demanding that producers "delete that bit". The interviewer later told Sydney's Daily Telegraph, "We had gone through all the questions and subject matter beforehand and filmed all the walking in the park footage before we sat down".
Ferguson's daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie are fifth and sixth in the line of succession to the throne, respectively.