British royal PRINCESS BEATRICE suffers from the learning disorder dyslexia - and she wants to draw attention to the many difficulties encountered by sufferers.

The 16-year-old was first diagnosed with the condition when she was seven and receives specialised lessons in reading and writing as she prepares to sit her British GCSE examinations.

Her mother, Sarah Ferguson, DUCHESS OF YORK, says, "Beatrice loves history. She wanted to learn about it but she couldn't because she couldn't read.

"If you don't teach children to read and write, you are condemning them to seclusion, unemployment and crime. And there's nothing more frustrating than to be unable to express yourself - they end up going down that vicious circle.

"Imagine if I didn't realise that my daughter was dyslexic - she would be having such a problem. She now goes out in public and speaks because she has been listened to.

"Doesn't every child have the right to be listened to?"

23/03/2005 13:51