The DUCHESS OF YORK Sarah Ferguson broke her diet this morning (14SEP04) to indulge in a hot dog and meatballs on American TV.

The 44-year-old redhead made an appearance on actor Tony Danza's new chat show as part of her long-running duties as a spokesperson for WEIGHT WATCHERS, but decided to let her hair down and enjoy some foods that "scream New York".

When Danza placed a hot dog from a street stall with mustard and salad in front of her, she admitted, "I've always longed to have a bite of one of those... How do you do this elegantly?"

Danza joined Ferguson when he handed her a plate of meatballs from a local eatery, but she liked them so much, she turned away from him and jokingly continued to chow down on them alone.

Ferguson quipped, "If I eat those things, can I really be the Duchess of New York? I would like to be."

14/09/2004 21:33