Former British royal Sarah Ferguson arranged a meeting with THE Black Eyed Peas star Fergie last week (ends18May07) because the singer "owes her". The Duchess Of York, who has long been nicknamed Fergie, is often confused with the sexy pop star, who was born Stacy Ann Ferguson. And the flame-haired Duchess was so intrigued why she had inspired the musician's moniker, she arranged to meet her at a New York fundraiser for her Sarah Ferguson Foundation. Ferguson says, "When I heard Fergie was not only calling herself Fergie, but called her album The Dutchess, I thought, right, she owes me. "I called her up and said: 'Fergie, this is Fergie. You are naughty, naughty, naughty for using my name. I can't have you on London Bridge wearing a tiara and calling yourself Fergie! "But I have a way you can make up for it. You can come to New York and do a concert for the Sarah Ferguson Foundation. And she was absolutely lovely. "She said that she would love to do it - and kept her word."