Britain's DUCHESS OF YORK Sarah Ferguson has urged fans of her tragic pal Princess Diana to leave butler Paul Burrell's new book on shelves - because it destroys her late sister-in-law's memory.

Burrell has shocked the Royal Family by revealing letters written by his former employer and PRINCE PHILLIP in his new book A ROYAL DUTY.

And Ferguson thinks the book is just another excuse to make money out of the memory of a great lady.

She says, "I think it's very sad. She's just a great person. We don't need to know anymore. It's so sad without her. I really miss her. Yet again someone is benefiting from her death."

Appearing on CNN show Larry King LIVE on Tuesday night (21OCT03), Fergie refused to be drawn into a debate about Diana's car accident death in 1997 - and the conspiracy theory that she was murdered.

When pressed by King, she steamed, "Let's move on. I think it's a very difficult subject for me to get into because it would just open such a can of worms and I really don't feel it would be right for her memory."

Ferguson also thinks it's high time that Diana and her former husband Prince Charles be applauded for their parenting skills.

She adds, "Why not look at the real positive side of this - that Diana was the most fabulous mother and Charles is a great father - single-handedly he's brought their boys up. That's what should be spoken about, not the negative."

23/10/2003 08:46