Sarah Ferguson, DUCHESS OF YORK has posed for SIR Elton John's sensational new book FOUR INCHES to raise money for the CANDLE IN THE WIND singer's AIDS charity.

The 45-year-old, formerly married to British royal PRINCE ANDREW, appears dressed in fishnet stockings and draped in black silk sheets.

Ferguson, who appears alongside established models Elle Macpherson and Yasmin Le Bon, was a serious candidate for cover girl, only to be overlooked by publishers in favour of British catwalk queen Kate Moss.

Publisher DAVID SHANNON explains why Moss was the final choice to grace the cover: "The Sarah Ferguson picture would have been the most commercially viable because she's part of, or used to be part of, the royal family.

""But in the end we went with Kate's picture as it was by far the most beautiful."

16/03/2005 13:58