DUCHESS OF YORK Sarah Ferguson was covered in dessert by anti-royal artist DINOS CHAPMAN at a recent dinner event.

A heavily intoxicated Chapman, whose controversial work with brother JAKE has rocked the British art world, was encouraged by friends to throw food at Ferguson at a London party celebrating the reopening of jeweller, Garrard.

He boasts, "I happened to be sat quite close to Fergie, and I've never liked her.

"We were getting stuck into free booze, and by the time dessert came, we were plastered.

"My friends were egging me on to do something, so I threw my dessert at her.

"It was some sort of lychee jelly concoction. She was wearing a strapless gown and it hit her right on the shoulder.

"She didn't register what had happened, so my attack on the royals went unnoticed."

11/02/2005 14:06