PHANTOM OF THE OPERA singer Sarah Brightman is reinventing herself as a dance music star - to get rid of her 'diva' image.

Brightman, ex-wife of musical supremo Andrew Lloyd Webber, has been told by marketing strategists she's still experiencing adverse publicity from her 1990 divorce, and they plan to update her image with a clubland smash hit.

The Vice President of Brightman's new record label ANGEL RECORDS, ANDRIA TAY, says, "There is a preconception of Sarah left over from her divorce with Andrew Lloyd Webber. We're hoping to go into the club underground with a great dance remix during the summer (03) to change her image."

BRUCE LUNDVALL, who has been working with Brightman for distributors EMI, reasons, "I think the diva moniker comes from the calibre of things she does. She's lovely to work with, down to earth, and the best self-promoter I've ever met."

Brightman herself, who has just been in Germany picking up an award for the country's best ever selling single, TIME TO SAY GOODBYE with ANDREA BOCELLI, says, "I don't know how I got the reputation - maybe its because of my stage experience."

03/06/2003 13:38