Young Irish actress Sarah Bolger hopes new film THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES leads to opportunities in Hollywood - because she wants to see the stars in the sky. The 16-year-old Dubliner is a passionate astronomer but there aren't enough wide open spaces near her home to stargaze. Bolger is keen to work in Hollywood because she has heard that the countryside around Los Angeles offers perfect views of the night sky. The In America star says, "My uncle and I own a telescope and we're in the back garden all the time searching for stars. Cassiopeia is my favourite star. I think it's a good hobby or possibly a career. "It's hard to see the stars in Dublin with all the light pollution, so I'm hoping for a power cut. I need nice green spaces and open land." And, if acting isn't in her future, the young Irish star is seriously considering becoming an astronaut. She adds, "I think I'll be an astronaut on the blue screen in a movie quicker than I'll actually be in space, but we'll see."