Country star SARA EVANS is set to make her acting debut in an upcoming episode of hit U.S. Tv drama Nashville.

The You'll Always Be My Baby hitmaker has filmed a guest spot on the country music-oriented series to air in the U.S. later this month (Oct14), but she insists she has no plans to give up her singing career to focus on acting.

She tells Country Weekly magazine, "I've thought about it over the years. I've been sent scripts for different movies and Tv shows, but I'm so busy with my career, we've never been able to find the time. But I have so much respect for what these actors do. It is really hard work and a lot of time."

Evans isn't the first country singer to make a cameo on Nashville - Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line have also made recent appearances on the popular Tv series, which stars Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere as rival musicians.