SARA EVANS, the American country singer-songwriter, has secured a restraining order against her ex-husband Craig Schelske. The couple have been locked in a war of words throughout their bitter custody battle but Evans' restraining order blocks Schelske from further discussing the fight over their three children, reports Fox News.
During a recent appearance on Anderson Cooper's television show, Schelske claimed he lost custody of the children because Evans falsely accused him of being a porn-obsessed adulterer. Sara claimed the interview violated a temporary injunction she obtained against Craig in 2010, blocking him from criticising her in public. The singer also claimed the Cooper interview, "caused and will continue to cause irreparable harm to the children". On 21st September, the day after the show had aired, Sara filed a request for a restraining order to block Craig making any further statements - a judge signed the order the same day. A source claims Schelske is less than impressed with the order, saying, "This is a violation of his First Amendment rights, and he won't take it lying down".
The dispute is the latest incident in a bitter custody battle that has already lasted months. The couple divorced in 2006 following 13 years of marriage. Evans released her sixth studio album 'Stronger' on 8th March 2011.