SARA EVANS' estranged husband CRAIG SCHELSKE is suing one of his wife's lawyers and his firm for slander. The $20 million (GBP10.2 million) lawsuit against John Hollins Sr comes after Schelske claimed the lawyer slandered and libeled him with untrue allegations of adultery. Country music star Evans filed for divorce from her husband in October (06), charging Schelske, 43, with adultery and pornography use - allegations he has denied. Hollins told People magazine during the divorce proceedings, "(Schelske) was quoted in the press as saying he hadn't done anything wrong and he wanted everybody to pray for Sara. Let me tell you what, everything we allege, we've got photographs to back up the allegations of the complaint." The lawsuit states Hollins "knew that no photographs existed which depicted the plaintiff engaged in any type of illicit or adulterous activity," Schelske said in the court filing. Schelske wants Hollins to pay $10 million (GBP5.1 million) in compensatory and punitive damages. He also wants the firm of Hollins, Wagster, Yarbrough, Weatherly + Raybin to pay a further $10 million.