SARA EVANS's bitter divorce battle has been finalised, sparing the country singer the public embarrassment of having to a state under oath whether or not she cheated on her former husband. Evans has agreed to pay Craig Schelske, the father of her three children who she wed in 1993, $600,000 (GBP300,000) in 10 annual payments of $60,000 (GBP30,000) each, according to court papers filed in Williamson County, Tennessee on Friday (28Sep07). The agreement stipulates that Evans will keep the family home in Tennessee, while Schelske gets the couple's two Oregon properties. The court papers read: "The parties have agreed that it is in their best interests and those of their children to amicably resolve all issues in their pending divorce. "Each wishes the other well in all future endeavours. Both parties are fully committed to raising their children in a cooperative and positive way." Earlier this month (Sep07), Schelske had filed court documents asking Evans to state whether she was romantically involved with nearly a dozen people during their marriage.