The new album by Sara Bareilles has been released today (7th September 2010). 'Kaleidoscope Heart' is the follow up to the singer-songwriter's critically acclaimed debut album 'Little Voice', which featured the GRAMMY AWARD nominated single 'Love Song'. Bareilles' first record shot to #1 on the list of most downloaded albums on iTunes, and after successful performances on the 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno', and the 'Today Show', the 30-year-old quickly rose to prominence.
'Kaleidoscope Heart' was recorded at The Village Recorder and Sunset Sound studios in Los Angeles, and was produced by NEAL AVRON, whose work has been previously associated with heavier forms of music. Speaking to Billboard about the collaboration, Bareilles said, "I looked at his discography, and I was like, Fall Out Boy? I don't see how I fit into this at all, but Neal and I met and it felt like a good fit. He really listened. He has no ego, and I love that quality in someone".
The record also features Pharrel Williams, Weezer, and QUESTLOVE - the first single, 'King of Anything', was released on June 22nd 2010