Brittany Zika has already fulfilled one dream in her life, but it seems the 21 year-old has lofty ambitions - but just who is she? All was revealed as the 'American Idol' auditions came to the region of Portland for the first time at the audition stage in its history - though the area's Rose Garden venue is where the Season Nine Live Tour began in 2009.

Digital Spy reports that Zika arrived to audition in front of the judges with one particular goal in her thus far fledgling singing career already accomplished - duetting with American singer-songwriter Sara Bareilles. Being interviewed before trying to impress the panel, Zika claimed that she'd held up a sign at one of Bareilles concerts asking to sing her track 'Gravity' on stage with her and couldn't believe it when the 32 year-old agreed to it. "It's my birthday and I got two tickets to a sold out Sara Bareilles concert and I just had this epiphany at this moment of thinking, 'Okay, this will happen for me,'" explained Zika, continuing "I held up a cardboard sign I ripped from a box last second which said, 'Will you sing 'Gravity' with me?' She reads it, she winks at me, she lets me up on stage, and we sing. From that moment on I said, 'I'm going to go for it and I'll take this as far as I take it. Nothing will stop me'."

Great stuff, and with that back story it was no surprise Zika went through to the next round, her version of 'The Story' by Brandi Carlile being roundly praised by the judges, with Jennifer Lopez stating she had "one of the prettiest voices we have heard." Who knows, that duet may well happen again.