Saoirse Ronan has a ''good sense'' of what roles are right for her.

The 'Lady Bird' star won't always go for the movies that pay the most money but instead chooses projects based on what is right for her.

She said: ''In terms of [the film that made] ... me take acting seriously enough to pursue it as a career, it was 'Atonement' - because it had so much gravity to it, the work was so good. I'd also auditioned for this action film, which would have paid a lot more and could have been a big commercial success or whatever, and it was up to me to decide which one I was going to do, and I chose 'Atonement'. Honestly, my parents always left it down to me. And I've always had a good sense of what I wanted work-wise and otherwise, a good sense of what was right for me.''

And the 23-year-old actress' love for acting has stemmed from a young age when she took part in school plays.

She added to AnOther magazine: ''I went to a tiny country school, 50 kids in the whole school. There were so few children that everyone got a part - sometimes kids got two parts because there were more parts than pupils. The play was the highlight of the year for me, I loved it. I used to get the script, highlight my lines and count all of them to check I was in the top five - 'OK, I've got 40 lines, that's pretty good going.'''