Saoirse Ronan thinks New York has made her more ''open and outgoing'' as a person.

The 'Mary Queen of Scots' actress loves the ''serenity'' of going back to her family in Ireland but she revealed she also relishes the ''independence'' she has in the Big Apple, which she thinks is a very exciting city.

In an interview with Psychologies magazine, she said: ''Even though I was born in the Bronx, I grew up in Ireland in County Galway and I enjoy going back because it's where I feel at home. There's a serenity there that I can't find anywhere else.

''But I also enjoy being in New York, which is where I really began to enjoy my independence and not have my mum do everything for me.

''Living in New York, getting to experience the different cultures and being part of the excitement of that city has been important to me. Being there has helped me become more open and outgoing, compared to before, when I was living a sheltered kind of life. I've matured a lot lately.''

The 24-year-old star may like the independence she has away from her mother, but she insisted her parent is still one of her ''best friends'' and a great role model.

She added: ''[My mother and I] are more like best friends. She's always been a role model for me and I have so much respect for her sense of dignity and integrity.

''I've tried to take after her and bring that same kind of perspective to the way I live. Both my parents have taught me to be true to myself and dedicate myself to pursuing the things that are truly meaningful to me.''