Saoirse Ronan is ready to be more independent.

The 'Byzantium' star has been acting since the age of 10 and is usually chaperoned on location by her parents, but for her latest role in 'The Grand Budapest Hotel', the headstrong 19-year-old decided it was time to embrace adulthood and venture to the set alone.

She said: ''I want to be able to look after myself. I felt strongly about making my own food and doing my own washing. I wouldn't go down the route of having an assistant. I don't want to be like that. I want to be normal.''

Growing up in the movie industry, the Irish beauty - who shot to fame starring in 'Atonement' alongside Keira Knightley - admits she is ''more comfortable'' around adults but has never lost her youthful, playful nature.

She explained to Stylist magazine: ''I've always been quite mature because of the way my parents brought me up. They were very good at talking to me like a person rather than a baby and I was around so many actors and directors from such a young age because my dad is an actor. I was more comfortable with adults rather than actually being an adult child.

''I don't think I ever lost that child-like quality. I was never one of those kids, and I've seen them, who act like an adult on set. I don't want to be that kind of person. I enjoyed it too much to be that serious.''