Saoirse Ronan's mother watched her pick up a Golden Globe award via FaceTime.

The 23-year-old actress picked up the Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy prize at Sunday (07.01.18) evening's ceremony and though her beloved parent couldn't join her at the Beverly Hilton hotel, modern technology meant Monica Ronan was able to see the moment via a video call.

Accepting the award, Saoirse said: ''My mom's on FaceTime over there on someone's phone. Hi!''

Saoirse - who wore black in support of the Time's Up anti-harassment initiative - went on to thank ''all of the women'' in her life who she loves and who support her ''every single day'', again mentioning her mother, as well as her best friend Eileen, who was her date for the evening.

She added: ''I just want to say how inspiring it's been to be in this room tonight.''

Meanwhile, speaking backstage after her win, Saoirse dedicated her award to filmmaker Greta Gerwig, who was controversially snubbed from the Best Director shortlist.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''If the movie wins, and even me getting [this award], that's her's.

''This is all her, and she's put so much of herself into it, not even in an autobiographical sense, but just every grain of her is in this.

''She worked very hard on making it as great as it is. It's brilliant.''

While the Irish actress - who also saw the movie take home Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy - had leant her support to Time's Up, she admitted there was nothing more powerful than Oprah Winfrey's speech on the topics of inequality and sexual harassment during her acceptance of the Cecil B. DeMille award.

She gushed: ''I just loved the speech. I loved the clarity of it, I loved what she had to say.

''I think it's also not just the content of what she says, but the way she delivers something is so inspiring that she had everyone on board.

''And also I liked that she made sure to kind of say there are wonderful women in this industry and there are wonderful men too and it's all about us supporting each other, so it was great.

''Just perfect. She's perfect.''