Saoirse Ronan was ''totally game'' for going make-up free in new film 'Lady Bird'.

The 23-year-old actress was asked to go au naturel and not cover up her ''spots and the blemishes'' on her face for her role as a teenager in the comedy drama production, which she was more than happy to do.

Speaking to the Los Angeles Times Online about her appearance for the project, 'The Lovely Bones' star said: ''When we sat down to do the camera tests, the make-up artist said, 'How do you feel about maybe leaving the spots and the blemishes and not covering them up so much?' I was totally game to do it, because you never see that. Not in a way of, 'Oh, my God. I'm going to be super raw about it.' Just, 'This is my face right now, this is the way it looks, and it's being a teenager', so let's go for it.''

And though the star insists she never suffered with acne when she was a child, she thinks if someone had of asked her about her blemishes when she was younger she would have broken down in tears.

She said: ''The other day, someone mentioned 'that acne they put on your face in the movie' to me. That was my acne. If I had been 17 and someone had said that, I would have cried.''

Meanwhile, Saoirse has started meditating because she is a ''big worrier''.

She explained: ''I get anxious. I'm a big worrier. I worry about work. Whether I've upset someone. Not being able to do a good job. You get onto set sometimes and you're like, 'I'm worried I've forgotten how to act.'''