Saoirse Ronan doesn't think she's famous.

The 'Lady Bird' star may have been nominated for three Oscars and won a string of other awards but she still feels ''shocked'' whenever anyone recognises her.

She said: ''I still get completely shocked that anyone knows who I am...

''But I'm not . . . famous. I just genuinely don't think I am. Selena Gomez is famous.''

The 24-year-old actress insists it's easy for her to ignore her celebrity because she never reads about herself.

She told Vogue magazine: ''If you're not aware of how often you're in a newspaper, then it's like it's not really happening.''

And Saoirse can't even bear to watch any of her movies because it makes her ''anxious''.

She said: ''I just get so anxious whenever I watch anything that I'm in.

''I'm fine with the way I look now. But I wouldn't necessarily be looking at photographs of myself all day. I don't want to become too consumed by the image of myself.''

The 'Brooklyn' actress finds her work ''very intimate'' and has been the biggest constant in her life.

She said: ''It's very intimate. There are certain moments where it feels like it's just you and the lens.

''It's something that has been a very stable, consistent thing in my life. The camera has been the thing that has stuck around the longest.''

And Saoirse believes acting has made her a ''better person''.

She explained: ''You want to be doing something in your life that wakes you up.

''There's something wonderful about doing the type of work that is a part of you, because you can give it everything you've got. And it gives so much back to you as well. You become better. You become a better person.''