Santigold's busy schedule took its toll on the singer's health earlier this year (12) - she lost her voice after performing three shows in just over 24 hours.
The hitmaker played for U.S. fans in Michigan and New York in June (12) before flying to England for a set at London's Hackney Weekend festival - but the jet-setting left Santigold unable to speak properly.
She tells Britain's The Sun, "That was the horrible one. I'd played three shows in just over a day - what I never do. We played Michigan, next day New York, got on a plane that night, flew to London and did the show that day. And I was sick - really, really sick - and barely had a voice. I lost my voice right after that show and then had to cancel a few shows."
However, Santigold admits a star-studded afterparty at the London festival helped boost her spirits.
She adds, "It was pretty crazy. We watched Rihanna onstage and then my manager Jay Brown was there, and Jay Z and Beyonce, and we had a little party afterwards in the dressing area. Solange (Knowles) was DJing off her iPod and my nephew was there - he got to meet everyone and he was like, 'Wow, this is so much fun!' It was a good night, even though I was sick."