Santigold learned how to do Transcendental meditation to complete her second album.

The 'L.E.S Artistes' singer was suffering writer's block when trying to finish 'Master of my Make-Believe', but things improved after she followed the advice of producer and friend, TV On The Radio main man Dave Sitek.

She explained to RedBulletin magazine: '''I said, 'Dave, you're always so level-headed. How do you do it?'

''And he said, 'Transcendental meditation.'

''So I went to California to meet this 89-year-old woman who went to India with The Beatles in the 1960s. She helped me to become calm and relaxed.

''She advised me to write songs on the subject of, 'You're the best.' And I did.

''Mind you,they're called 'Look At These Hoes' and 'Big Mouth'.''

Looking back, Santigold only now realises it has taken her four years to write and record the follow up to debut 'Santogold'.

She added: ''I only realise that now, when people ask me why I took so long.

''I withdrew and worked on it until I was satisfied, and I am my own harshest critic.''