Sandra Oh filmed 'Catfight' in just ''16 days''.

The 45-year-old actress plays the role of Veronica in the action comedy alongside Anne Heche, and Sandra has revealed she and her co-star had ''no training'' to film the violent scenes and completed the movie on a ''micro budget'' in just over two weeks.

Speaking about the production to Entertainment Tonight Online, the brunette beauty said: ''No, there was no training. It was a very, very, very small budget. It was a micro budget, and we shot this over 16 days. So, a whole film over 16 days, there's no fat at all.''

And the 'Grey's Anatomy' star has revealed due to the short space of time there was ''no room'' for multiple rehearsals.

She explained: ''There is no room for rehearsal. Our very first scene was the scene where [our characters] met. On an indie film, you are really crunched for time.''

However, the tight restrictions on cash didn't dissuade the cast as the 47-year-old blonde beauty, who plays Ashley in the movie, was instantly gripped by the story.

She said: ''I've never read a script like this. From the first scene, I was like, 'I want to do this movie. This guy - what a voice!' Then you keep reading and it goes further and further and as [writer-and-director Onur Tukel] kind of takes you slowly into one movie, you think, 'Oh, this is kind of fun [and then] Bam!' And you're like, 'Wait a minute! Did I just read that?! Is this really? Did he really? Does this movie exist for these women? Oh my god! I've got to do this movie!' And then it never let go of that.'''

And Anna was adamant she was going to work with Sandra for over 10 years before they were cast in the project together.

She explained: ''We were doing a charity function introducing different people, so she was backstage when I came offstage ... As I'm being ushered out the door, I was like, 'I will work with you someday. I love you.' Or whatever else I barked in your ear.''

To which Sandra confirmed: ''You called it! You called it, like, 10 years before. And then it happened.''