Sandra Bullock's mother told her not to get married.

'The Proposal' actress - who was largely single until she wed motorbike enthusiast Jesse James in 2005 -was warned off married life by her late mother Helga Meyer, who told her she should focus on her acting career instead.

She revealed: "Believe me, my mother was like, 'Don't marry. Have a career.' "

However, the 44-year-old star - who had previously dated musician Bob Schneider, and actors Matthew Mcconaughey and Ryan Gosling - adored single life because she loved her own company.

She explained to Britain's The Times newspaper: "I'm one of those people who are very good at being alone. All I wanted in my life was what I was doing at that time. Whether I was in a wonderful relationship or not, my priority was my work.

"When I wasn't responsible for anyone else but me I had a wonderful, wonderful time. But there were those people going, 'Aren't you missing out?' and you do stop for a second. And then you go, 'I cannot believe they made me doubt myself.' "