Sandra Bullock would have been a ''field day'' for a therapist.

The 'Gravity' star admitted she used to watch ''reruns on TV'' to help battle her mood swings and put too much pressure on herself to feel happy all the time.

She told the Daily Express newspaper: ''I used to get out of bed sometimes and feel depressed and watched a lot of reruns on TV to get over it.

''I should have allowed myself to be a little more human and not worry about trying to be a super-woman.

''On some days I woke up thinking I was garbage. On others that I was a great person. If a therapist had got hold of me they would have had a field day.''

The 49-year-old actress - who adopted her son Louis in 2010 - admitted she has battled against fear throughout her career but her worries have become short-lived.

She explained: ''I was afraid of being a failure, of not having the best time or of being chicken.

''But every year I get older I think, 'What was I fearing last year?' You forget. And then you move on.''