Sandra Bullock is being sued over watches promoted under her name.

'The Heat' actress filed a lawsuit against ToyWatch USA in February 2012 for using her name and likeness to promote a white-diamond encrusted timepiece without her permission, but now an insurance company representing the watch makers has filed its own lawsuit against the 48-year-old beauty to determine whether it will have to pay out if she wins her case.

ToyWatch USA ''might'' be able to use its insurance policy with the unnamed firm to pay Sandra if it loses its ongoing legal battle with the star, reports TMZ, but the insurance company does not want to wait until the case is resolved and has hit back by suing Sandra.

According to court papers filed on Monday (29.07.13), the firm are asking a judge to decide whether they are liable to provide an expensive payout should Sandra win her lawsuit against the watch company.

The original lawsuit stems from ToyWatch USA promoting a watch worn by Sandra in her Oscar-winning movie, 'The Blind Side', using her name and image.

In a lawsuit filed in Malibu, California, last year, the actress - who has a three-year-old adopted son, Louis - asked for financial compensation and an injunction blocking the ad campaign, claiming the company had infringed on her publicity rights because she didn't agree to the advertisement.

Sandra claimed she ''will not voluntarily appear in print or other media for a company or product unless she carefully selects and believes in the company and product, and unless the compensation she receives is commensurate with the value of the exploitation of her name, image, identity, and persona.''