The Heat was released in Australian cinemas last Thursday (11th July).  Critical reviews have been less than warm to this comedy starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy as two law enforcement officers.

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy
Sandra Bullock (L) and Melissa McCarthy (R) at the New York premiere of The Heat.

Sandra Bullock plays Sarah Ashburn, an uptight FBI agent. She is paired with Boston police officer Shannon Mullins, played by Melissa McCarthy. The two women have to learn to work together despite their differences. Neither has had a partner before so this only adds to their problems. 

MTV Australia's critic, Miranda Boyce, has described The Heat as "a film which turns rom-coms and cop flicks on their head". This appears to be the only truly favourable review as others have criticised the script for its lack in ingenuity. 

The comedy was released in US cinemas in June and UK cinemas at the beginning of July.  In US reviews, the comedy has been criticised for its typecasting and lack of originality. Ann Hornaday of the Washington Post said McCarthy needs "more to play with than what has become a tiresome tomboy shtick". 

However, others have commented that Bullock and McCarthy work well within their roles. Meghan Wood of ABC Australia commented on "how comfortably the lead actresses sit in the skins of their characters". Furthermore one US critic, Betsy Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times, points out "Bullock specializes in awkward and uptight, McCarthy in aggressive and unfiltered". 

Watch The Heat trailer:

The Heat also features Demián Bichir (Savages), Marlon Wayans (A Haunted House), Michael Rapaport (A Day In The Life) and Jane Curtin (I don't Know How She Does It).  

The Heat is in Australian cinemas now. 

Demian Bichir
Demian Bichir at the New York premiere of The Heat.

Marlon Wayans
Marlon Wayans at The Heat premiere.