Sandra Bullock has had "no contact" with stepdaughter Sunny for months.

The Oscar-winning actress' ex-husband Jesse James - who she split from last year amid allegations of affairs with other women - claims she has decided to keep a distance from his seven-year-old girl, despite him moving to Austin, Texas to help maintain their relationship with him and the children - including Sandra's 15-month-old adopted son Louis.

He said: "I don't want to try and to second guess what she thinks or something like that. I mean, I know why I moved.

"I moved initially so the kids could keep a relationship and I could kind of keep a relationship with Louis, and then whatever else happens beside that."

Sandra was once very close to Sunny - whom Jesse had with ex-wife Janine Lindemulder - and even tried to fight for custody of her, but he insists the 46-year-old beauty has not been in touch for a while.

He added in an interview with ABC's 'Nightline' which is due to air tomorrow (05.05.11): "There's been no contact at all for several months."

Jesse - who also has children Jesse Jr., 11, and Chandler, 13, from a previous relationship - has also confessed his life has "started over" since his split from Sandra, which happened soon after her picking up the Best Actress Oscar for 'The Blind Side' last February.

He said: "Everything got ripped to shreds. I was at my breaking point. I'm moving forward, thinking clearly and becoming a better person. I have started life over."

Meanwhile Jesse has praised his fiancee Kat Von D via twitter, adding she was his "other self".

He said: "My angel, my all, my other self. I'm so lucky and honored you don't even know how it makes me feel.(sic)"