The tattooed model behind Sandra Bullock's marriage split has always been obsessed with the actress' husband, according to her ex.
Michelle MCGee has gone public with claims she romanced TV action man Jesse James while Bullock was on location shooting The Blind Side, prompting the actress to walk out on her husband.
And now MCGee's ex, Shane Modica, has spoken out for the first time about his former wife's attraction to all things Jesse James.
He tells U.S. TV news show The Insider, "We had problems during our marriage because of (her obsession).
"Our picture is sitting there taped on her mirror, and I looked at it and kind of double-taked (looked again) and noticed there was something over my face and I looked closer, and it’s a picture of Jesse James, his head cut out (and) pasted over my face.
"I was like, 'Really, are you serious?' And she laughed it off thinking it was funny and said, 'It’s not a big deal, (I) was just doing it as a joke - he’s fat, he’s ugly, he doesn’t have any real tattoos, he’s old, and all that stuff."
But Modica admits he wasn't surprised when his ex told him that she and James were quietly dating last year (09), claiming MCGee often referred to James' marriage to Bullock as a "sham".
He adds, "According to her, (Sandra and Jesse) had this big thing going on where they were going to announce their divorce on a certain timeline and she was going to be the next woman... She was going to make money off this one way or another."
Since the scandal broke last week (ends19Mar10), Modica, who runs a tattoo parlour in San Diego, California, has filed legal papers seeking temporary and legal custody of his five-year-old son Avery with MCGee.
Modica filed his latest motion in San Diego, California on Friday (19Mar10) as a direct result of the tabloid scandal.
In his legal papers, Modica said, "I need protection for my son. If she sees Avery, she will bring these curiosity seekers and glory hounds down on herself and Avery, totally confusing and frankly scaring him."