Actress Sandra Bullock has turned her Texas restaurant into an eco-friendly hang-out by replacing plastic and polystyrene takeaway containers with biodegradable alternatives made from sugar cane and potatoes.
The environmentally-conscious Speed star revealed all about her green secrets during a tour around Austin eatery Bess as part of an Earth Day special on TV show Oprah, which aired on Tuesday (22Apr08).
The star showed off coffee cups made out of sugar cane and corn syrup, cutlery made from potatoes and takeaway boxes made out of sugar cane.
Bullock revealed she researched biodegradable alternatives when she first opened Bess in 2006 and discovered it only costs a little extra to become a green restaurateur
She says, "The price difference... is minimal, it's just a few cents, and I think we're absolutely worth it; those few extra pennies to make sure we have a beautiful earth."
Bullock's restaurant also features recycled furniture, including dining tables made from the floorboards of a house she renovated.
And she admits she has always been environmentally friendly: "We were raised that way. My mother was macrobiotic, health food, no chemicals, made all her own bed... I hated it then but I love it now because she recycled everything."