Sandra Bullock's fear of a conventional marriage resulted in her shock wedding last month (16JUL05) with tattooed TV presenter Jesse James.

The actress was a self-confessed commitment-phobe during high-profile relationships with actors Tate Donovan and Matthew Mcconaughey, but the biker's wild ways convinced her they could have their own brand of marriage.

She says, "In relationships I used to have running shoes on at all times. I'd get so scared of marriage because my idea of it wasn't a very pleasant one.

"And my mother always said, 'Be original! Don't depend on a man.'

"But now I look at love in a different way. I threw away society's version of love and marriage and asked myself, 'Why does it have to be anyone else's version but mine?'

"I realised that happiness isn't going to come in exactly the same package as my next-door neighbour has. Someone needs to throw out that relationship rule book and start again."