Sandra Bullock is upset with Hugh Grant after her Two Weeks Notice co-star put her in an awkward spot on the red carpet at her Miss Congeniality 2 premiere by chatting about her romances with US TV star Jesse James.

The actress refuses to talk about her relationship with the TV mechanic, who fronts his own MONSTER GARAGE show, but that hasn't stopped loose-lipped Grant from being flippant about the couple.

Grant tells the current issue of IN STYLE magazine, "I haven't met the motor mechanic yet, but I'm dying too," and when Bullock was asked to comment about the quotes on the red carpet on Wednesday (23MAR05), she chose some fighting talk to respond.

She said, "I don't know what he's talking about... Hugh has a mental deficiency and sometimes says things he forgets and really doesn't know why he says them. Hugh's going down."

25/03/2005 03:03