Sandra Bullock is infuriated by ignorant fans who deem her biker boyfriend Jesse James an unsuitable partner for a Hollywood star.

The sexy Miss Congeniality actress has dated string of celebrities in the past - including Matthew Mcconaughey and TATE DONOVAN - and discovered that a man's personality isn't based on his profession.

And she's sick of reading unflattering critiques on her latest man, who hosts TV shows MOTORCYCLE MADNESS and MONSTER GARAGE on the DISCOVERY CHANNEL - because no one is in a position to judge him.

She says, "Look, no one knows what anyone's really like based on outside opinions. I mean, there are people who look very innocent and kind who cheat on their spouses, don't take care of their children or animals and generally don't have great humanity.

"And there are people who are the complete opposite, yet they're judged differently. Every time a mass murderer gets caught, the first thing people say is, 'He was so nice and he took such good care of his pets and children.' So you really can't tell by appearances."

07/04/2005 17:04