Sandra Bullock knew daredevil Jesse James was destined to be her life-partner as she dashed to hospital with the celebrity mechanic after he was injured in a car crash.

The MISS CONGENIALITY star was dating James when he was involved in a racetrack crash in 2003 and she suddenly realised she had no say in what doctors did with her man because she wasn't family.

The actress recalls, "On the way down there they said, 'The chaplains are here,' and I went, 'OK, my father was run over by a bulldozer, my mother died of cancer; I don't care what condition he's in, let me help him and have a say in his healing process.'

"It was that last five feet, of looking into the ambulance, I didn't know what I was gonna see but I was so p**sed off that I had no legal say, none.

"I knew from the minute that I got into the front of the ambulance that 'I don't know how to fix that,' but I knew that I was in it for the long haul with him... That was a huge deciding factor for me."

The couple wed this summer (05), which still stuns Bullock - because she can recall trying to snub the tattooed tough guy's advances at the beginning of their relationship.

She adds, "The reason I got to know him was because I was trying to blow him off via email - and I got to know the man."