Hollywood beauty Sandra Bullock was unperturbed at appearing twice her age in her latest movie - as she believes the look was spot-on.

The 40-year-old actress credits make-up artists on comedy MISS CONGENIALITY 2: Armed And Fabulous with giving her an insight into how she'll appear as an octogenarian, but was disappointed not to look as good as her grandmother.

Bullock says, "I didn't see my grandmother when I looked at myself in the old-age make-up. My grandmother was far better looking.

"But I have a feeling that this is what I'm going to look like. Face it, wrinkles were all in the right places.

"However, I hope I'm still going to have my own teeth at that age because I have good dental hygiene. But apart from the hair, which I would never wear like that, it's pretty much how I'm going to look."

13/03/2005 10:28