Sandra Bernhard gets so emotional at the thought of touring, she often breaks down in tears when she is about to hit the road.
The comedienne hates leaving her family behind when she heads off to perform live shows.
And she finds the whole experience so daunting, she often snaps at her daughter and goes into emotional meltdown.
Bernhard says, "I'm very introspective. There are times, especially when I am on the road and I leave home... what tends to really freak me out is packing - organising to leave, especially when I'm performing, because you have the daytime and I start to get nervous and of course I'm going to be away from my family and I get emotional.
"I just go through my process. I may have a good cry before. Even with my daughter, I might get a little snappy. And then you go 'I'm sorry, it's only because I'm going to miss you that I'm being so edgy'."