Scottish singer Sandi Thom has been left devastated after her beloved pet cat was shot dead.
The rocker launched a high-profile campaign to find Toots, after the black and white feline disappeared in February (09) from her mother Josiphine Riley's home in Angus, Scotland.
But Thom has been left heartbroken - after pet detectives informed her they have received an anonymous tip-off claiming the cat has been shot and killed by a local landowner.
Thom says, "She's gone now. I have to accept that but what I won't accept is that she died at the hands of a shooting. It's cruel and barbaric and I want this person to pay for the pain they've put me through.
"No animal deserves to die like that, especially not a lovely little harmless soul like Toots, who was my pride and joy. All I want now is to find her, take her home and give her a dignified burial."