Fans of Scottish singer Sandi Thom were given an unexpected surprise on Friday morning (22Mar13) after a press release posted online by U.S. news outlets inadvertently provided a link to a Free download of her new album.

Publicists for the star failed to make it clear to the reporters and bloggers on their email blast that the download information was only for news and review purposes - and it ended up being included in articles announcing the North American release of Flesh and Blood this week (begs18Mar13).

The I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair) hitmaker, who moved to the U.S. last year (12), addressed the controversy on her blog as soon as she heard about the Pr blunder - but admits she has mixed feelings about the mistake.

She writes, "Blooper with press release! Prteam forgot to remove link to album for Free! Everyone from Fox news, Yahoo printed it!

"Thousands of U.S fans downloaded it for free!! Yikes!! But at the same time - Cool!!"

The same album was released in Europe in September (12).