The I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (With Flowers in My Hair) star announced the surprise news in an emotional, expletive-ridden video.

She told fans she took issue with bosses of Britain's BBC Radio 2 after they decided against playing her new song Earthquake, just days after U.K. stations owned by Bauer Radio also turned down the track and any interview opportunities.

Sandi was shocked by the decision as she thought the song was "perfect", and she posted a reaction video on in which she can be seen sobbing, and her sadness quickly turns into anger and she embarks on a stormy, foul-mouthed rant.

"I wanted to make this video so people realise how much it hurts because I apparently can do no right," she said of the Radio 2 ruling. "I wrote a song that is pop and it's catchy and fits their format and there is no reason why they shouldn't playlist my music and I swear to God they have no idea how much it actually hurts a person when it's been years and years to try and gain some kind of respect from these people and I'm hurt even now after trying my hardest to do something that I thought was perfect for them. They still say no.

"It is literally the last thing. I am done with this industry and its bulls**t. There is no reason why they shouldn't playlist that song. It perfectly fits the format for their station. I am f**king sick and tired of having to sit on the edge of my seat waiting for these people to come back and tell me the verdict of whether this song is going to be a success in this country or not. Basically without their support it can't be a success."

She then reveals that Bauer Radio bosses also turned her down which means "basically 22 million people across the country... will not get to hear this song because of one person's decision," before taking aim at the bosses directly.

"Honest to God I'm f**king sick to death of the bulls**t this industry pulls on people like me and I've had it," she adds. "Enough. I am done. F**k you Radio 2. F**k you Bauer network and f**k the lot of you. It is utter s**t. It's a f**king good song, okay... There is no reason why you need to do this to me once again... That is it. I am done. I have better things to do with my life and my time and this is utter bulls**t so see you later. Radio 2, go shove it up your a**e because I really don't f**king care anymore."

The video has been removed from her Facebook page, but Sandi has been discussing it with fans on