Samuel L Jackson was thrilled when the film-makers responsible for SNAKES ON A PLANE shot more gory and graphic footage, because the added scenes allowed him to utter his favourite line in the film. Additional scenes were shot in March (06), which will provide viewers with more gore, nudity and profanity. According to the film-makers, the scenes were added to boost the film and better satisfy high-expectations from fans, who are already buzzing about the movie. The film's rating will be changed in the US from PG-13 (no one under 13-years-old allowed without parents) to R (no one under 17-years-old allowed without parents). Jackson was thrilled he gets to utter his" trademark obscenity" in a new scene: "I'm tired of these (bleeper-bleeping) snakes on this (bleeper-bleeping) plane." The PULP FICTION star was fearless when it came to dealing with his slithery co-stars adding, "I grew up in the country. "If we saw a snake, the snake was in more trouble than we were."