Samuel L Jackson has signed up to star in a new movie about pirates, it has been revealed.

However, rather than gallivanting around the Caribbean with Johnny Depp and co, the star is set to find himself portraying events in the Gulf of Aden.

In what could be a rather topical film for the SNAKES ON A PLANE actor, Jackson will star as Andrew Mwangura, a freelance journalist who found himself negotiating with Somali pirates after they captured a number of ships.

The project will see the actor reunited with producer Andras Hamori, who worked with him on THE 51ST STATE and they are also collaborating on RUNNING WILD, an adaptation of a JG Ballard novel.

Meanwhile, Jackson himself is working on IRON MAN 2, in which he plays NICK FURY, a role which he could reprise in a range of other films including THE AVENGERS and CAPTAIN AMERICA.

08/05/2009 15:48:21