The 67-year-old was a vocal opponent of the Republican candidate in the run up to the November (16) election, particularly voicing his concerns about the effect Trump would have on Hollywood.

"Hopefully he won’t destroy Hollywood. Hopefully we will be able to keep working and he won’t shut Hollywood down,” Jackson said at the Dubai International Film Festival. “You know he (Trump) could say, ‘Hollywood didn’t support me,’ so that’s it. Who knows what could happen.”

The real estate mogul turned politician has criticised Alec Baldwin's portrayal of him on Saturday Night Live, as well as taking aim at Broadway musical Hamilton after the cast delivered a speech to Vice President-elect Mike Pence, who was in the audience.

However, despite reports he was emigrating and had even looking for houses during a recent trip to Dubai after Trump's election victory, Hateful Eight star Jackson was quick to shoot down the rumours. "Not really. I’m not looking. Everybody thinks I am, but I’m not," the Tennessee native smiled.

The Oscar-nominated star also didn't shy away from talking about the current state of U.S. politics, explaining: "I think now people like me are feeling the way that all those people who hated Barack (Obama) felt for the last eight years.

"It’s just a flip. A lot of people voted for him (Trump). It’s not like he stole the election. More people voted for Hillary (Clinton), OK, fine. But for eight years there have been people who have hated Barack (Obama, current U.S. President). And to the world he was a beloved kind of dude."

"(It was like) America has got a black president, he is so cool; America is growing. Now we know America didn’t grow so much. These people were just lying in wait. So now we are on this side of ‘I can’t wait for this guy to be gone,’ but we have to wait four years. It’s just a flip. The other half of America’s personality gets what they want now. Or they think they get what they want now. We will see," Jackson said, before poignantly adding, "We wish we could have somebody that is beloved."