The dispute kicked off when the Pulp Fiction star gave an interview to America's Hemispheres magazine, in which he discussed playing a game of golf with Trump.

Jackson also claimed he was made a member of the businessman-turned-politician's golf club without giving permission, and recently received a bill for unpaid membership fees.

"I would never say (we are) buddies. Or friends. I've golfed with him," he told the magazine. "Last week or so, I actually got a bill from Trump National Golf Club. And I haven't been there in four or five years, so I had my assistant call. They said it was for membership dues. And I said, 'I'm not a member,' and they said, 'Yeah, you are - you have a member number.' Apparently he'd made me a member of one of his golf clubs, and I didn't even know it!... I'm not payin' that!"

Trump responded by hitting out at Jackson on, dismissing claims they had golfed together, writing, "I don't know @SamuelLJackson, to best of my knowledge haven't played golf w/ (with) him & think he does too many TV commercials - boring. Not a fan."

Jackson was asked about the feud during an appearance on U.S. TV chat show Late Night With Seth Meyers, and he declared, "So, we're having beef... Trump said he didn't know me... I've met him a lot, I played golf with him. I played golf with him with Anthony Anderson..."

He also tweeted a picture of the bill from Trump's golf resort, and fellow actor Anderson weighed in on the drama, tweeting to Trump, "C'mon @realDonaldTrump you played golf with @SamuelLJackson and me as well. We also had lunch together! shrimp and hot dogs. Sound familiar?"

Jackson added in a message posted on, "Got some corroborating testimony from @anthonyanderson about that Trump golf game!"