Samuel L. Jackson has joined the cast of 'Unicorn Store'.

The 67-year-old movie legend is the latest actor who has been confirmed to star in the upcoming comedy, and the 'Django Unchained' star is set to star alongside the 'School of Rock' principle Joan Cusack and 'The Cabin in the Woods' star Bradley Whitford, according to Deadline Online.

The comedy movie, which is based on Samantha Mcintyre's original screenplay, will follow a woman called Kit (Brie), open her own store after receiving an ominous letter from an unknown sender.

Brie Larson - who worked with Jackson on 'Kong: Skull Island' - will reunite with the 'Coach Carter' star in the movie as she is set to both act and direct the forthcoming production in what will be the Oscar-winning actress' full-length feature directing debut.

The creative team also includes Samantha producers David Bernard, Terry Dougas, Ruben Fleischer and executive producer Jean-Luc De Fanti.

Larson is currently working on the film in Los Angeles, California, and it has been reported the film is set for release next year, although a set date has yet to be confirmed.

And Jackson and Larson's 'Kong: Skull Island' movie is set to hit the big screens on March 10 2017.

Meanwhile, the 'Pulp Fiction' star believes diversity in Hollywood is improving and reflects ''real life'' issues on screen much better than ever before.

Speaking previously, he said: ''I think there are more films and television shows for sure that deal with real life issues.

''There are transgender people and gay people all over television, there are specifically more Asian, Hispanic and black people on television - and behind the scenes - creating and doing things. [...] A lot more women heroes, a lot more interesting couples on television in terms of mixed race, especially in America - you guys [in Britain] have had that for a very long time.''